My 2 girls (4 and 5yrs) have thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons and their progreshas been fantastic! Their instructors, Bart and Marcin, encourage a good balance of work and fun. They make every lesson enjoyable. The management team is always willing to be flexible should any problems arise or missed lessons. I recommend the sessions to others on a regular basis.
— Zoe Hall
Excellent progress in the few months Jackson has been attending. He always comes out with a smile on his face and appears to have fun while learning. All teachers are excellent with small children and encourage fast learning.
— Jackson Taylor
Theo is at the very early stages of learning to swim and its been great to see his confidence in the water increase week after week. He clearly likes and trusts his instructor, Bart. The lessons are always well structured and the small groups are very beneficial.
— Ben Holmes
Raff, Sid and Liv love their swimming lessons. Marcin and Bart are, without doubt, the best swimming coaches that our kids have had. They get on really well with the children, are technically very good, always punctual and give good feedback at the end of each lesson.
— Michael Stather
Michael is really efficient and always emails with regular swimming updates and invoices are always clear. He is really helpful with sorting classes out as I have 2 daughters that both like to swim with Bart and he always arranges a time to meet with me to organise the lessons to fit in with our busy family life. Bart is a brilliant teacher and both my girls have learnt so much and enjoy his classes.
— Helen Pead
Phoebe absolutely loves her swimming lessons with Sofia. Sofia is a very good teacher and we are so pleased with Phoebe’s progress in swimming. She has gained more confidence and looks forward to her lessons.
— Shermaine Embury