This page details important notes that relate to the swimming lessons that we offer at Swim Stars Coaching. Please read these before starting your course.

About your Booking, Payment and Enrolment

  • Lessons are payable in advance either online or in person. The course may be purchased for the full duration of the lessons or for the lessons remaining in the term. Individual classes cannot be booked.
  • You will be notified prior to the renewal of your lessons.
  • Your lesson will not be held open and may be rebooked if payments are not maintained.
  • Under no circumstances should you make a payment directly to a teacher.
  • Unfortunately, Swim Stars Coaching do not offer make-up lessons in the event of missed lessons. 
  • In the event that a lesson has to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. staff sickness or essential pool maintenance), you will be offered a credit for a future booking. If you decide not to renew then a refund will be offered.
  • In the event of a pool closure or staff absence, every reasonable attempt to contact the parent/carer in advance will be made. This includes text, email and/or phone call. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that contact details are kept up to date.
  • We will provide you with a notice of renewal for the next term approximately four to six weeks before the current term ends offering the opportunity to renew for the following term. 
  • Please note that if payment for a renewal is not received before the deadline date we can no longer reserve your place in the next term and if another customer books the space your place will be lost.
  • You can suspend your lessons for a minimum of six consecutive weeks in any one term for medical reasons. Any request to suspend lessons must be submitted in writing to Swim Stars Coaching along with a medical certificate.
  • Where lessons are suspended, the child will be taken out of the lessons and the untaken lessons will be put on account for future use.
  • Please note that, owing to limited availability, it may not be possible to resume the lessons on a particular date. Instead, the student will be placed on the waiting list and you will be contacted when a place becomes available.
  • Suspended lessons must be used by the end of the next term. The onus is on you to ensure that the lessons are used as we will not be able to call you to remind you to use the lessons. The fees paid for lessons not used by this time will be forfeited and cannot be refunded.
  • When re-booking your suspended lessons, the remainder of the course must be purchased at the same time.
  • Re-booking the suspended lessons is only possible once the period of suspension has ended.
  • If any person withdraws from a course after being accepted, the Management
  • reserve the right to withhold the fee unless withdrawal is through medical reasons, where a Doctors certificate is required.
  • If you wish to change the day and/or time of the lesson please contact the Swimming Programme Manager in writing for the attention of the Course Coordinator. An email to this effect can be sent to michael@swimstarscoaching.co.uk. Reasonable efforts will be made to accommodate requests. Refunds will not be offered if an alternative space cannot be found.
  • Swim Stars Coaching retains a comprehensive Public Liability Insurance Policy, a copy of which is held at the company's head office.
  • Swim Stars Coaching forms part of The Health Club Collection which is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 to process and store data. We do not share data with third parties.

About the Classes

  • Please note that your child will not necessarily pass through a level in one term and will sometimes be in a level for a number of terms to perfect the competencies and/or swimming strokes required and to master all relevant skills. 
  • Parents are to be aware that physical contact between the teacher and pupils may be necessary in order to teach this activity. By signing up to the swimming lesson programme we deem you as having issued your consent.
  • Swim Stars has the right to replace teachers at any given time. Should this occur, refunds will not be offered.
  • Swim Stars has the right to make reasonable changes to the programme and lessons. This includes lesson timings, levels, teachers, class sizes and location within the pool.
  • The lesson begins once the teacher accepts charge of the student. Parents/carers are asked not to leave the child on poolside prior to their lesson.
  • Please be ready to collect the child from the lesson prior to the end of the lesson.
  • If you wish to discuss your child's progress with the teacher you will be able to do this on the last day of term or contact the Swimming Programme
  • Manager who will request a report from the teacher. 
  • The parent/carer may remain on poolside for the duration of the lesson in the designated seating areas. However, it is requested that the parent/carer does not distract the child during the lesson. Should assistance be required then the teacher will ask.
  • Should the parent/carer not wish to remain on poolside they must remain on the premises and advise the teacher of their whereabouts within the building.
  • The teacher withholds the right to discipline and correct behaviour using appropriate means. This can include asking the child to sit out of the lesson for a few minutes or the remainder of the lesson. The teacher will fully explain the reasons for their course of action at the end of the lesson or inform the Swimming Programme Manager who will communicate on behalf of the teacher.
  • If your child requires special attention in regard to their behaviour then please advise the Swimming Programme Manager at the time of booking and the Swimming Teacher prior to commencement of the first lesson.
  • It is requested that parents/carers do not use electronic devices on poolside.
  • Employees may use electronic equipment for the purpose of delivering the swimming lessons.

Child Protection

Swim Stars Coaching takes the safety of children very seriously, and follows the guidance provided by the ASA. All our staff that have direct contact with, or access to children and vulnerable adults have a DBS check. Swim Stars Coaching follows the guidelines set out in Wave Power

Complaints Policy

  • All complaints are dealt with by a member of the Swim Stars Management team based onsite or our Head Office.
  • Swimming teachers are unable to deal with any complaints on poolside.
  • In the event you feel the need to complain about our services, please can you put your complaint in writing to michael@swimstarscoaching.co.uk
  • All complaints will be investigated thoroughly and we will endeavour to resolve your complaint within 7 working days of receipt.

Code of Ethics

Swim Stars Coaching swimming follows the code of Ethics as set out in the ASA’s Wave Power document.