Please find below some information and answers to some frequently asked questions below that parents often find helpful when deciding whether to enrol their child(ren) in swimming lessons at Swim Stars .

About the programme itself:

Swim Stars  is proud to be associated with the Amateur Swimming Association which is the national governing body for swimming in the UK. As such, our programme runs in accordance with the ASA Learn to Swim framework. The framework has 7 levels, each with a number of different competencies. The information about each level can be quite comprehensive so please refer to our overview below.

For further information, please visit the ASA website.

Levels & Competencies:

Level 1 - Starfish
Shallow water confidence, water safety, very basic swim skills and aquatic breathing

Level 2 - Jellyfish
Deeper water confidence, basic body position, floatation and buoyancy, movement skills, front crawl and backstroke kicks

Level 3 - Pufferfish
Beginnings of front crawl and backstroke arms

Level 4 - Stingray
Refining backstroke and front crawl, introduce butterfly and breaststroke kick

Level 5 - Octopus
Water safety skills, butterfly and breaststroke arms introduction, front crawl and backstroke advanced techniques

Level 6 - Dolphin
Refine butterfly and breaststroke, front crawl and backstroke endurance

Level 7 - Shark
Advanced techniques and endurance

Level 8 (competitive squad)
Endurance and advanced techniques (45/60 minute class)

About our classes:

We offer a range of classes in the Swim Stars programme including group, 1:1 Private lessons and 2:1 Semi-Private lessons. All lessons up to Level 4 will have the teacher in the water, teaching with the children on a submerged platform. Level 4 and above will generally also have the teacher in the water but we are happy for the teacher to position themselves on the side of the pool if they feel appropriate in order to get an overview of the whole lesson rather than focusing on an individual’s technique. We ensure that our group lesson capacities are kept low in order for the teacher to give individual attention to each child:

Group Sizes     Max class size

Level 1              4

Level 2             4

Level 3             4

Level 4             4

Level 5             4

Level 6             4

Level 7             4

Level 8            6
(competitive squad)

We run lessons Monday - Friday 4pm - 6pm and Saturday morning. We also generally run every level on every day (with exception of some of the higher levels).

About our pricing, booking and availability:

We aim to ensure that our pricing remains clear and consistent across the board. All swimming lessons are booked for the whole semester which can vary from 10 - 15 lessons depending on the time of year and scheduling of school holidays. Lessons must be paid for in advance.

In order to book a place on the Swim Stars programme, please ensure that you have filled out your details on our online enquiry form which can be found here.