Our approach to teaching is to deliver progressive, competency based learn to swim programmes where the teacher works alongside small groups of students in the water, offering individual teaching points along the way to ensure success.

Swim Stars has a team of highly experienced and passionate teachers. They will guide your child through the progressive ASA Learn to Swim Framework where children will grow from achieving basic water confidence to developing strong technique in all four strokes and learning water safety and survival skills.

Swim Stars started delivering lessons in September 2015 and now delivers lessons to almost 700 children every week at The River Bourne Club in Chertsey. We believe that learning any skill should be interactive and rewarding and therefore have developed a system where parents (and children) can log in and check on their progress at any time and chart progress using a colourful progression book.

Rewarding Progress

At Swim Stars, progression is always recognised and rewarded to ensure that children stay engaged, motivated and committed in their swimming lessons. Every semester, children will be given a free certificate and medal for their progress over the semester. The certificate may reference their progress to the next level or simply for achieving a single competency during the semester. In addition, colourful Progress Sticker Books are available, complete with fun aquatic animals for each level. To see the progress that your child is making and to award stickers for the book, please log into their account and view their competencies achieved, or ask their teacher at the end of the lesson. We also have ‘well done’ stickers for continued encouragement.

Distance certificates and stroke certificates are also available.

My 2 girls (age 4 and 5) have thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons and their progress over the year has been fantastic! Their instructors, Bart and Marcin, encourage a good balance of work and fun. They make every lesson enjoyable. The management team is always willing to be flexible should any problems arise or missed lessons. I recommend the sessions to others on a regular basis.
— Zoe Hall